Thursday, August 5, 2010

Geek Out! Science Cookie Roundup #6 is Here!

Hot off the cookie sheet and the blog engine, it's the sixth installment of Not So Humble Pie's brilliant Science Cookie Roundup! Yes!

These roundups, to me, represent what bakegeek is really about - unashamedly combining your interests (no matter how geeky, revealing, or embarrassing) with your love of baking. Truthfully, seeing some of these roundup submissions was the tipping point that made me decide to really give bakegeek a try. I thought I was the only one who would be totally impressed with a yeast two-hybrid screen cookie. Apparently, I was wrong.

Warning: in true pedantic fashion, many of these submissions are extremely specific to a certain area of science. There's a good chance that you won't "get" a large part of them if you don't have a specific background in science yourself. On the other hand, maybe that's a good thing? There's nothing quite like spending your days enslaved to a gel electrophoresis box, only to look at gel electrophoresis cookies and feel a like you want to vomit, cry, and curl up in the fetal position at the same time. Trust me.

Regardless of your background, you bakers out there can appreciate the thought, humour, and well-executed decoration that goes into many of these projects. Right? Right.

Tip: send these to any scientists or grad students you know for instant "Hey, you understand what I'm talking about!" cred. Even if is, in reality, a complete charade. I, for one, would be ecstatic.

Science Cookie Roundup #6 5 4 3 2 1 [via Not So Humble Pie]

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  1. OOh, I just remembered that in High-School I made a brain cake for my Anatomy class because my team had to explain how the brain works... we even had each part in a different colour. I should look for those pictures, haven't seen them in ages. Also need to scan them...


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